Matthew Sims

Digital Marketer, Web Analyst

About me

I am an experienced and well-rounded digital marketing professional with a passion for inbound marketing and data analysis.

I would describe myself as an analytical person with a love for data, but with an eye for design and a solid understanding of business principles.

In my personal life, I enjoy reading, exercising, traveling and spending quality time with my wife and our son.


Date of birth
October 29, 1990
Western Kentucky
Available for freelance or full-time

Professional Journey

I got my start in digital marketing whilst I was completing my undergraduate coursework at the University of Southern Indiana. In hopes of earning additional income and bolstering my education, I decided that I was going to create a website and try my hand at affiliate marketing. With a combination of beginner's luck and sheer stubbornness, the website became a relative success.

I went deep into the technical aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) over the next several years and found success with multiple websites as an affiliate marketer. Somewhere during that time, I discovered that there was a market for buying and selling websites like the ones I had built. So, I decided to get involved with that side of things and ultimately completed around a dozen transactions.

In 2019, I accepted a job from a large sporting goods company to be their in-house digital marketer. During my time there, I wore many hats. I managed Google Analytics and website tagging for over a dozen eCommerce brands, handled email marketing campaigns and built marketing automations, spearheaded successful SEO projects, operated profitable PPC campaigns and built a cross-channel reporting dashboard that provided insights into digital marketing data previously unknown to the company.

I also helped in operating the Amazon seller account including managing listings and running Amazon PPC ads for various sporting goods products. I developed a strong interest in web analytics during this time in my career and decided to pursue an MBA with a concentration in data analytics.

In late 2020, I transitioned to working as a freelancer and have had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse clientele spanning small businesses to enterprise-level companies. Over the years I have continued to improve and hone my digital marketing skills and could aptly be described as a T-shaped marketer.

My formal education and diverse hands-on experience has allowed me to have specialized knowledge in web analytics and search engine optimization as well as true competency in many other areas of digital marketing such as PPC advertising, marketing automation, email marketing, etc. My unique skill set has given me the opportunity to expand my client's online reach, drive more leads and ultimately grow their businesses.

Military Service
Military Service

Served 2 years honorably as an Army medic with the 101st Airborne Division and obtained the rank of Specialist (E4). Had a wonderful experience and still strive to uphold the Army core values in everything I do.

Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies

Graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees in Marketing and Computer Information Systems. Launched my first online business during this time and became a successful affiliate marketer.

Corporate Life
Corporate Life

Worked as a digital marketing specialist for an eCommerce company in the sporting goods industry. Responsibilities included data analytics, SEO, email marketing and PPC advertising. Completed my MBA during this time.

Freelance Work
Freelance Work

Have had the opportunity to work for some great companies across diverse industries as an independent contractor. Work has included analytics implementation, analysis and reporting amongst other things.

Work Experience

Digital Marketer/Web Analyst

October 2020 - Current

Participate in a variety of digital marketing activities for clients in diverse industries. My work primarily involves data analytics, including auditing and implementing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts, setting up custom events and conversion tracking, and building reporting dashboards using Looker Studio.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Escalade Sports
April 2019 - September 2020

Participated in a variety of digital marketing activities for eCommerce brands in the sporting goods industry. Performed daily data analysis and reporting on website data, ran national SEO campaigns, implemented email and marketing automations, and managed PPC advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.


1 - Basic    2 - Novice    3 - Intermediate
4 - Advanced    5 - Expert

Data Analytics - 4
Search Engine Optimization - 4
PPC Advertising - 4
Email Marketing - 3
Web Design - 3
Social Media Marketing - 2


University of Southern Indiana

MBA, Data Analytics

2019 - 2020

BS, Computer Information Systems

2014 - 2018

Minor: Computer Science

BS, Marketing

2014 - 2018

Minor: Web Development For Enterprise

Relevant Certifications

Google Analytics Certification  

Google Ads Search Certification  

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Digital Marketer living in the greater Evansville area